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Hall of Fame

2004 - 2005

In 2004, we saw the water levels come back up so the spawning areas and shore lines were once again easily available to the fish. It seems that the lake is getting cleaner and the water conditions are excellent!  Below are some of the fishermen that have also caught some fish out of our boats. Each new trip to the lake can be your new record size fish!

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Steve Booghier

Steve Booghier
Venus, Texas
Prentiss Newton

Prentiss Newton
Grand Prairie, Texas
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Thanks Mr. Macdonald
Taji, Iraq
2005 continued the high water and abundant grass of last year! It seems that the fishing just continues to get better and better. We are hoping that 2005 will bring even bigger catches. We can't wait to put your pictures up. "Bring It On!"
Strike Three

      Identity witheld
to protect the innocent.
        Minnesota ??
Jack Tidwell

Jack Tidwell
Cordova, Tennesse
Doug Travis

Doug Travis
New York
Brad Bond

Brad Bond
Fairfield, Texas

Jeremy's Big Fish
Lake Fork, Texas
Papa - Where's the Fish?- Larue

Papa's Big Fish
Lake Fork, Texas
If you have a photo that you would like to have me post on this page, please send an email and attach the photo.

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The Boat Rental - Hall of Fame - 2004 - 2005
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